The Doodle Pro Podcast: Unleashing Expert Training, Grooming, & Health Tips for Doodle Dogs & Puppies

No More Jumping! Go from Zoomies to Zen!

February 06, 2023 The Doodle Pro™, Corinne Gearhart Season 2 Episode 35
The Doodle Pro Podcast: Unleashing Expert Training, Grooming, & Health Tips for Doodle Dogs & Puppies
No More Jumping! Go from Zoomies to Zen!
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I've spent over 30,000 hours working directly with Doodles testing what works, and what doesn't with Doodles.  I'm spilling my Doodle-specific training secrets in The Doodle Pro Academy's program Zoomies to Zen!

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 Did you know, nine out of 10 doodle parents polled are embarrassed by their Doodle's jumping, barking or pulling? If you thought you were alone, you are not, but it doesn't have to be that way. It's time to reach your doodle's full potential. And enjoy your relationships. Sweet spot. Apologizing for jumping on people or isolating them for meeting company aren't the only way to be a doodle parent. 

And it certainly, isn't the only way to enjoy life with your furry best friend. But trying to be a pack leader or yelling off. Or down. Isn't really working either. Have you been told you should ne your dog in the chest. Or shake cans of coins at them. But you don't like hurting or scaring your dog. You don't need to. 

 Let's stop training methods that just don't work for doodles and skip straight to what does watching YouTube training videos or trying a generic puppy class. Isn't the only way to have a more relaxed and happier doodle. And that certainly isn't the only way to enjoy your life with your loving Teddy bear bestie. 

A dog's only real flaw to me is a shorter lifetime than ours. Stop wasting time getting to the sweet spot. Of one of the most fulfilling relationships you could ever enjoy. 

I've spent more than 30,000 hours working directly with doodles. Trying training methods that didn't work. And nailing down the ones that do for doodles. You used to have to live in the Denver, Colorado area in the U S. Uh, in order to work with me. But I saw how many doodle parents were struggling with teaching their doodle, the calm down. 

And stopped jumping on people that I wanted to help loving doodle parents everywhere. So I'm proud to introduce my newest course, Zoomies to Zen, where you can say goodbye to jumping and hello to a calmer doodle overall. 

 In just five weeks, learn my step-by-step doodle specific training secrets. The transform your doodle from jumping on people and creating havoc. And the embarrassment and apologies to guests that that brings to being well-mannered polite and relaxed on cue. 

     You have what it takes to train your doodle. You are their person. You don't need someone else to take over and bond with your best furry friend, but  you've tried ignoring them when they jump, you try turning your back to you. Watch the YouTube training videos tried the doggy daycare, attended a puppy class. The advice on the videos or from the class didn't really seem to work. Your doodle just won't really relax. 

 This course is for you. If you want to be proud of your doodles behavior, when you introduce them to strangers. You want your guests and visitors to love your furry best friend, as much as you do. You don't want to leave them, create it in a different room. Every time somebody comes over. You're ready to save time and money by avoiding random trainer's advice and programs and go right to what works for doodles. 

You've been dreaming of an even closer relationship with your best furry friend. Or you want your doodle to be in a thinking state instead of running on too much red ball. 

The doodle pro academy Zoomies to Zen includes over six hours of doodle specific training videos and exercises. On demand at your convenience. Five live Q and A's with me, the doodle pro. To answer your training questions and the option for me to review your training videos. Five weeks of a private Facebook community of like-minded doodle parents led by me, the doodle pro. 

Exclusive workbook and PDFs to dig deeper and keep training exercises handy. And lifetime access. 

 Zoomies to Zen is 100% tailored to doodle-specific needs. Tried and tested by me, the doodle pro over 30,000 hours, working with doodles directly. All of my methods are fear and force free humane evidence-based and positive reinforcement based. 

Zoomies to Zen is flexible for your schedule. All videos are on demand, catch answers to any questions on replay to. And you get to learn from home, which is often more comfortable for your doodle lowering distractions and no chance for reactivity to other dogs or people. You can learn at your own speed, take your time and revisit any time. 

With this doodle or your next one? 

As you have lifetime access. 

. If Zoomies to Zen sounds right for you. Don't wait. Our door's closed on Thursday, February 9th, and won't reopen until the end of the year. 

You can grab your spot today

And you can dive in right away as our course kicks off February 13th.  

  If you've missed this chance and listening to this episode later you can go to the same site and join the waiting list for the next time the door is open People commonly ask what age dog is this course for is my dog too young or old this course is for doodles of all ages Well it's not a puppy specific program You can start these games right away to get ahead of impolite behavior and teach relaxation from the start Your adult dog will be successful with these steps to old doodles can definitely learn new tricks Others have asked that Others have asked about you having used Others have asked about having used other tools before Are they still welcome in a positive reinforcement only environment We all do the best with what we know There is no shame or judgment allowed in the doodle pro academy We ask that you abstained from using IE colors, prongs slipped leads or bark collars during our program  Do you already have a trainer or you've gone to classes and are wondering ifZoomies to Zenwill still help Absolutely no matter if you've used another training program or have gone to a training class the doodle pro academy will help you take things to the next level  By building on your dog's foundations  And increasing your confidence as a doodle parent This course does not treat dog to dog or dog human aggression cases We suggest you seek a qualified behavioral veterinarian for support if you're dealing with those issues This course is also not meant to treat separation anxiety For such treatment we suggest contacting certified separation anxiety traders  You can take the pro Malena DeMartini's course online called mission possible and she's given us a discount of 50% off with code doodle 22.

Joining Zoomies to Zen is risk-free.     Your satisfaction is guaranteed and doodle Pro academy courses I hope to see you inside and remember doors close february 9th. If you have any questions shoot me a dm on instagram and i'll personally get right back to you  2023 can be your best year yet with your doodle But only if you get started now 

I can't wait to see you inside. Head on over to https://thedoodle And joined today before doors close. See you there!